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The clear-thinking,
client-listening,straight-talking digital people.

We’re Amazing Ideas.We are a team of expert software developers and cutting edge user experience designers.
We innovate but keep things sensible, so you get the most effective solution, not the most expensive one. We work unusually closely with you, so we get to know exactly what makes you tick. And we tell it like it is, so no jargon – just clear, straightforward conversations.

Custom Application Development

Change has become an inevitable law of the business and when the technologies are developing continuously, you daily have to deal with the multiple requirements of the clients. And so you might have to face few business challenges when you find your application inapplicable for fulfilling the clients’ needs. There comes need of a partner who understands your technical needs and designs a Customized Application for you.
We, at Amazing Ideas, can create, deploy and maintain customized applications which can be capitalized to improve your business solutions. We develop feature rich applications considering the industry standards and industry evolution which fit to the needs of the customers. The software and systems developed by us would strengthen your business to stand in the changing market and serve as per the wants. Our custom application development solutions enable you to enjoy competitive advantages of the technologies and serve the industry best services. We offer bespoke application development, maintenance and support to all our clients which incorporate all the latest practices of the market. We broaden your business process through creation and implementation of high quality Bespoke Business Applications. We cater Cloud based Application Development that directs your employees and clients a way to manage projects, share information and work together.
Our cloud application development can give you cost effective and scalable solutions. We have experienced system analysts and programmers who can work with you, starting from your requirement analysis, to the application development and maintenance. Our focal point is not only application development but also its collaboration, deployment, migration and customization.

Cloud Applications

At Amazing Ideas, we develop, package, and deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud. Once your application is deployed, that’s it: From provisioning and load-balancing to health monitoring, Amazing Ideas handles the rest. Your application is backed by an industry-leading 99.95% monthly SLA.
Never worry about patching, faulty hardware, or network issues again. Cloud Software is designed to deploy your application and keep it continuously available during crashes and failures, redirecting traffic from troubled instances to ones running smoothly. Automatic OS updates mean your application is always secure, without maintenance windows or downtime.
We provide a staging environment for testing new releases without impacting the existing one, reducing the chances of unwelcome downtime. When you’re ready to deploy the new release to production, just let us know and we will swap the staging environment into production.

Project Visibility

When you entrust a project or process to a third party, you want absolute assurance that timing and budgetary goals will be met. Amazing Ideas provides a superior level of transparency into project progress and status—so you can be assured that the initiative is on track, and quickly identify and mitigate any issues that may arise. Here is how we do it:

  • Transparent and Collaborative Project Management
  • Regular Progress Reports
  • Regular Demos of work in progress
  • Frequent Releases

Amazing Ideas is highly accessible and responsive to your needs—combining regularly scheduled communication with frequent ad-hoc conversations by phone or online.

Requirements Analysis

At Amazing Ideas, we provide targeted consulting to design and plan your engagement. We begin by gaining a full understanding of your business and your specific goals, before defining a solution based on those outputs and planning for execution. We recognise the need to adapt our approach to every project, providing the right amount and the right type of analysis in order to move your initiative forward. We are skilled at capturing complex requirements and translating them into comprehensive specifications for large enterprise applications. We also offer more agile approaches to accelerate development, delivering a rapid return on investment for your business.

Quality Assurance

Software can be highly complex, based upon millions of lines of code and created to work across and integrate with multiple platforms. At Amazing Ideas, we believe Quality Assurance and Testing to be THE most fundamental ingredient to ensuring successful delivery to customers, first time! Amazing Ideas’s Quality Assurance division houses exceptional talent, who are passionate about verifying and validating the functionality of each and every project to ensure successful software delivery that is aligned with your business objectives. Our methodology is tailored and adapted to the status of each project we encounter and once engaged, our Quality Assurance division will utilise a comprehensive a set of metrics to evaluate various quality aspects: not only the quality of the final product, but also the quality of the whole process undertaken to deliver the end result. Our approach addresses Requirements and Functional - Non Functional Testing.